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I've been meaning to write this up for some time as it's a very useful book which also happens to be completely free. Like a lot of developers now I'm awash with javascript and learning TypeScript is a good way to manage what can easily become a mess.

If you just want the summary, get the book, it's free, well written, does not waffle on (unlike myself) and gets you started with TypeScript fast. This book was my introduction to TypeScript and has enabled me to build a lot of tested javascript. If you are unsure if you need TypeScript then read on.

From my experience with TypeScript I've found the following benefits;

  • Compilation by Visual Studio ensures that you don't have any typos slipping in.
  • The 'classes' you create when working with TypeScript are smaller and more re-usable.
  • The code you write tends to be easier to bundle together for a single download if you use namespaces (modules in TS parlance).
  • Your code can be decoupled from the UI and unit tested.
  • You can refactor your code a lot easier, knowing it will be compiled and type checked.

These are not automatic benefits, you have to work towards them. But starting with a compiled and type safe language pushes you in the right direction. You can still write awful code if you want to.

Since finishing this book last year I now have a decent sized web site using javascript mostly generated by TypeScript. TypeScript works well with JQuery and helps in splitting javascript out to manageable file sizes. There are a few remaining javascript only files but once we convert these we can minify and pack all of the site script in to a much smaller space.

PDF and Kindle formats are provided and you can get both at http://www.syncfusion.com/resources/techportal/ebooks/typescript?UTM_medium=oneilblogreview .

You do need to register to download it but that's fair enough, Syncfusion paid for it to be written. They'll email you the odd bit of news about their software tools and libraries plus they'll also tell you about the other free books as they are released.

All of the sample code is available on https://bitbucket.org/syncfusion/typescript-succinctly/src/e0a7c086fabd/TypeScriptSuccinctly/

Disclosure: Syncfusion asked me to review this book, which I'm only too glad to do. It's free, the content is great and it's nice and brief. I'm hoping they might send some swag to give away as prizes at our user group.

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