About me

I'm a software developer working from my home office in rural Herefordshire (which is in the Welsh Marches, not Hertfordshire which is one letter and 150 miles away). I have a nice bunch of clients and mostly have my clients referred to me. Work normally involves .Net, SQL Server and a good sprinkling of web although I'm a good all rounder and like working with new platforms such as the iPhone and OSX. When I'm not working I'm usually involved in something tech related or possibly putting a business plan together. I've heard it said that if you are happy in your work, you should be grateful and I certainly am.

My wife, two boys and I moved to the country because we felt the pace of life in the South East of England was too busy for us. I still get to visit clients occasionally but find that a lot of travel is avoided by using video conferencing, chat, email and telephone. With some clients we only physically meet a couple of times a year, which works well for all of us as I'm able to provide fast turnaround of projects without having to waste hours commuting to work each day. We are pretty settled now with a menagerie consisting of dogs, cats and ducks!

Richard Wilde and I run a software developer user group in Hereford called Smart Devs with excellent guest speakers on the latest interesting technology. We have brilliant sponsorship and manage to give away over £1,000 in software licences and lots of swag each month.

Why do I describe myself as a developer and not a programmer? Well, Eric Sink said it best in his rant which pretty much describes what I've found in life. There are lots of people who can build software or houses or widgets of any sort, but I've only found a few who use uncommon sense (no, that's not a typo, see Uncommon Sense on Amazon) and not only get the job done, but get it done well.